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What you will get...

Benefits of joining Phonics with sketchnoting..

1. Sketch noting allows teachers/trainers to unleash their creativity and personalize their teaching/training materials.

2. They can create colorful and visually appealing sketchnotes to convey phonics rules, letter sounds, and word patterns in a way that resonates with their student's interests and learning styles.

Jolly Phonics program for teachers with sketchnoting offers numerous benefits, including

Komal Goenka Phonics Teacher

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Content Developers

School Heads

Language Coaches

Anyone with Passion

Reserve a seat before 29th July 2024 to unlock bonuses worth Rs.5,000/-

What will you learn?

You can master Jolly Phonics and unlock a lucrative part-time income!

Untold secrets of teaching code of English

Immense confidence to teach in the most structured manner

Deep understanding of a language

Understanding of engagement tools for children to seek their attention

In-depth understanding of an alphabet code

Art of Storytelling to enhance listening skills

How to sketchnote spelling rules and other difficult concepts

How to start your venture and be a smart and polished educator

Reserve a seat before 29th July 2024 to unlock bonuses worth Rs.5,000/-

Resources You Will Get

Jolly Phonics Flashcards

Consonant Blends Flashcards

Sample worksheets for teaching

Systematic Steps for Teaching

Tricky word list

Word bank (300 words)

Notes on every topic

Sharable Certificate

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Free Online Art of Storytelling Workshop (5 hours )

Access to all the Spelling sketchnotes

One-on-one coaching to start your classes

Discounted Coupon for other workshops

10 Hour Workshop

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Reserve a seat before 29th July 2024 to unlock bonuses worth Rs.5,000/-

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About the Trainer

“Education is a journey and not a race, where you learn and you teach what you learn”. Taking people through this beautiful journey of learning is what education is all about and this is what I aim for !!
Komal GoenkaPhonics Teacher

Ms. Komal Goenka is an MBA by qualification. She is the founder of Phonic World, a learning center that aims at improving children’s life through the power of quality education.

Being a UK Certified Jolly Phonics and Grammar Trainer and teacher, she has witnessed the potential for tremendous transformation in her student’s speaking, reading, and writing skills, when taught using the right methods under this programme. She is also a certified storyteller from the “Kathalaya” Academy of Storytelling affiliated with the International Storytelling Center, and also a lifelong member of the Early Childhood Association.

She is also a certified Visual thinking trainer from the Netherlands.

She is also a Creative educator and associated with Helen o Grady, UK UK-based academy for speech and drama for children and youth. She was a part of Jolly Futures, a pilot project where she trained 3000 Government school teachers in different districts of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Orissa and now she is heading her own Jolly Futures project in Assam to introduce Jolly Phonics in the early years of literacy.

She is attending the Global Jolly Conference every year in London for further training and updating her skills.

Her intense Teacher Training Modules continue to help teachers and schools develop more effective ways of engaging and structuring the learning of young people for the better-educated India of tomorrow!

Hear Success Stories from Our Certified Phonics Teachers

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You will get a certificate at end of the course

Phonics Educator Certificate

Do you Know?


India has a thriving private tutoring industry, and many parents seek additional support for their children's education, including English language proficiency. Phonics educators are often in demand in this sector.

Government schools

State governments in India have launched initiatives to improve English language teaching in government schools. This may lead to a demand for teachers with expertise in phonics instruction.


With the increasing popularity of English-medium education in India, there is a growing demand for teachers who can effectively teach English language skills, including phonics.

Reserve a seat before 29th July 2024 to unlock bonuses worth Rs.5,000/-

Frequently Asked Questions

Jolly Phonics is a systematic phonics program designed to teach children how to read and write using synthetic phonics. It involves teaching letter sounds in an order that enables children to begin building words as early as possible.
The training program typically covers the principles and methodology of Jolly Phonics, including how to teach letter sounds, blending, segmenting, tricky words, and alternative spellings. Participants learn how to use Jolly Phonics resources effectively in the classroom.
No prior teaching experience is required, although it can be beneficial. The training is designed for educators, including teachers, teaching assistants, and homeschooling parents, who want to implement Jolly Phonics in their teaching practice.
You will receive a certificate upon completion of the programme. It’s essential to check whether the training program is accredited by relevant educational authorities or organizations.
Yes , you will added to our WhatsApp community of 300 participants and also we have a refresher programme too.

Reserve a seat before 29th July 2024 to unlock bonuses worth Rs.5,000/-



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